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WooODT Extended

WooCommerce order delivery date time plugin
Most advanced WooCommerce order delivery date time plugin for your business WooODT Extended is an order delivery date time plugin for WooCommerce store to turn your normal WooCommerce store into proper a food ordering / restaurant ordering system in moments.

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WooCommerce Product Repeat Delivery Dates

WooCommerce Product Repeat Delivery Dates - ByConsole
Allow your customers to order any product for repeat delivery/pickup. Each item of an order has its own delivery date and time. So customer orders each product with different repeat delivery or pickup dates. Unlike the whole order need to be repeat delivered, this plugin accept different repeat delivery dates for each of items within a single order. As an example use case consider cooked nutrient diet prescription, where each day/date is prescribed for different kind of food. So customer can place a single order for all the items with their corresponding delivery/pickup date and time.

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WooODT Extended Map Addon

WooODT Extended Map Addon
Delivery charge based on distance to travel, set free delivery distance limit in km or mile, set delivery charge per extra kilometer/mile after crossing the free distance limit. Display distance to travel in Google map on checkout page. Show all delivery area and pickup points on Google map, allow customers to select a pickup point directly from map. This plugin works with WooODT Extended together.

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WooODT Order Details

Get delivery/pickup schedule for today/tomorrow or on certain dates, list up orders to be delivered on certain calendar date(s) range. Get product sales reports per delivery area/pickup point. Export reports to CSV. Handy when you allow to preordering for more than one days. This plugin will work when you have WooODT Extended activated in your plugins list.

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Laundry reporting system for WooCommerce

Laundry reporting system for WooCommerce
Get upcoming laundry delivery/pickup schedules. Order search within any date range along with laundry pickup and delivery date. Search for upcoming laundry deliveries by date range. Search for upcoming laundry pickups by date range. Export reports to CSV. This plugin will work when you have Laundry Pickup & Delivery Plugin for WooCommerce activated in your plugins list.

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Restaurant Menu Rotation Plugin

Restaurant Menu Rotation Plugin for WooCommerce
The product delivery date plugin, Restaurant Menu Rotation Plugin for WooCommerce allow owners to setup different restaurant menu for each day and for each meal type as breakfast,lunch & dinner. It is a variation of product availability plugin & mainly crated for restaurants. It allow you to set which dishes are available for delivery/pickup on which days and at what time. A single order contains different delivery date and time for each of it's items. Meal ordering for a complete week in a single order is now possible. Inbuilt short codes allow you to show auto changeable today's and tomorrow's menu for your restaurant. Restaurant menus changed on each day based on your dishes availability routine. Also a search form included to search what dishes are available for a chosen date and time. Time is managed by meal type which is defined as breakfast, lunch & dinner. Each meal type has its own time sot for delivery/pickup. You can set order placing cutoff time for same day and next day delivery/pickup. Each individual product has its own cutoff time. Click for live demo.

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Laundry Pickup & Delivery Plugin for WooCommerce

Laundry plugin for WooCommerce
This plugin allow you to run a laundry business on your WooCommerce based store. It turns WooCommerec checkout page to a door to door laundry service ordering page. It asks for a laundry pickup date-time, on next step it asks for a delivery date-time. It includes requested pickup date-time and delivery date-time in new order mail for customer and site admin. Show the pickup and delivery date time in order details page both for customer and admin, as well as in order listing page of back-end side. You can set minimum days required for servicing and delivery. Customers will be able to select pickup and delivery date, separated by minimum days required for servicing. Optionally you can allow same day laundry service where you can retain minimum hours required for servicing. Create a pickup service routine with day based time slot as well as for delivery. This plugin allow you to limit number of pickup for each pickup slot you create. Similarly allow you to limit delivery per delivery slot you create. Set up weekly closing days for pickup and delivery service. Also allow you to setup a holiday calendar.

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Weight Based Dynamic Shipping Charge for WooCommerce

Automated shipping method selection based on cart weight and hide other shipping methods. Different shipping charge for same shipping method based on cart weight. Assign additional shipping charge by fixed or percentage amount of base shipping charge. Define shipping methods to offer based on your defined cart weight range. Set minimum and maximum weight required to proceed with checkout, exclude some categories from cut out weight calculation. Customizable warning/notice text when cart weight does not meet minimum and/or maximum weight. Customize checkout button text. Conditional free delivery based on cart total.As an addon of WooODT Extended Automatically add discount on checkout page if order is as pickup. Add same day delivery/pickup charge. Add Next day delivery/pickup charge. Add delivery/pickup charges for the day after tomorrow.

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WooCommerce Personalized Greeting Card

Let your customer create a personalized greetings card on checkout page. Greetings card can be created for several occasion. Admin can create occasion and can upload set of backgrounds for each occasion. Customers can create greetings card by selecting an occasion, choosing card image, adding their own texts. They can preview and recreate the card as may time they wish, the final one will be included in their current order. Both customer and admin email will contain the greetings card. Greetings card will be shown on order details page too.

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Location Based Equipment Rental Service for WooCommerce

Location Based Equipment Rental Service for WooCommerce
This plugin allow you to decide rental availability of an equipment based on user's city and calendar dates. It also include a short code of search form so that user can search item availability for rental. Search result is produced based on user's city/location and requested dates for rental. User can report lost item as well. Admin can set base cost for rental and additional cost per day. For any modification please feel free to send your request to support@byconsole.com.

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Logistics and courier service plugin for WooCommerce

Logistics and courier service plugin for WooCommerce
On checkout page this plugin ask for a pickup address and delivery address as well as date and time for pickup and delivery. Then based on user provided addresses it calculate the distance in kilometer and charge customer based on kilometers to travel. It also show the route map on google map. Admin can set cost per kilometer in back-end. Create your pickup time slot and delivery time slot separately and limit number of pickup and delivery per slot. Manage holidays separately for pickup and delivery on which day no pickup /delivery will occur. Ideal for courier service.

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Woocommerce partial payment

Allow you to collect a partial or advance payment during checkout rest of amount can be collected on delivery or at pickup. Customers can choose to pay the full amount or partial payment during checkout process.

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Xmas Decoration

Xmas decoration - A WordPress plugin developed by ByConsole
Decorate your WordPress site with different snow falling effects and with different Christmas tree on different position across the website. Upload your own image to greet your visitors and place them where you want across the webpage.

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