If you wish to integrate the custom order meta created by this plugin in some third party plugin, you need to get the proper key value pair by the order meta value.

And for multiple locations its an array in format of $key->$value pair, so you need to fetch the complete array for the order meta value for location.

Below example will help you to understand it

// Get the location from order object 
$pickup_location_index=get_post_meta( $order->id, 'byconsolewooodt_pickup_location', true );

//Now fetch the complete array from option table for added locations
$pickup_location_get_option_array_value = get_option('byconsolewooodt_pickup_location');

//Now get the location string from the option array by the location index($pickup_location_index) and fetch the location string value by its key from this multidimensional array


//Now this is the string you need
echo $pickup_location_name;

For date and time its simple enough so you can fetch the exact value form order object as same as it is passed along with order.

It is suggested for version