Laundry Pickup & Delivery Plugin for WooCommerce

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Laundry Pickup & Delivery Plugin for WooCommerce

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Laundry Pickup & Delivery plugin for WooCommerce allow you to run a laundry business on your WooCommerce based store.

  1. Customer chose a pickup date and time for their laundry on checkout page.
  2. Customer chose delivery date and time on next step.
  3. Include pickup and delivery date-time in order confirmation mail for customer also in new order notification mail for admin as well.
  4. Show the pickup and delivery date time on order details page for admin and customer, as well on order listing page in back-end.
  5. Set up minimum days you need between a laundry pickup and delivery date. Allow customers to select dates by retaining that minimum days required for servicing.
  6. Optionally allow same day laundry serviceing by minimum hours required.
  7. Create pickup & delivery service routine separately for a complete week and that will be repeated on each week.
  8. Create pickup and delivery slot for each of seven days.
  9. Can limit number of pickup / delivery per time slot.
  10. Weekly close day for pickup as well as delivery service separately.
  11. Holiday management.

Product Description

Laundry Pickup & Delivery Plugin for WooCommerce allow you to run a laundry service on your WooCommerce based webstore. This plugin convert WooCommerce checkout page to a laundry service ordering page. It asks customer for a pickup date and time. On next step it asks for a delivery date and time. You can set laundry pickup service routine. You can allow on which day the pickup will be possible. On checkout page pickup calendar will allow to select only the dates those fall on allowable pickup days. Similarly you can create on which day of a week delivery is possible and customer will have a way to chose only the dates falls on those allowable delivery days.

Time Slot in Laundry Pickup & Delivery Plugin for WooCommerce

Create your own pickup slot for each of seven day also limit number of pickup per slot. Once a slot if fulfilled by number of allowable pickup it will disable that slot for selection. Delivery service also has the same logic and related settings page in admin.

Minimum days required for laundry servicing

You can set a minimum service time as number of days. So customers can only select a pickup and delivery day those are separated by your minimum service day required.

Minimum service time for same day servicing

If you allow same day service, you can set minimum service time required by number of hours. In that case same day pickup and delivery will be possible, but the pickup and delivery slot must have the time difference as per settings in your back-end.

Cutoff time in Laundry Pickup & Delivery Plugin for WooCommerce

Cutoff time, in case of same day service you can set cutoff time for pickup. So in case of same day delivery pickup must be ordered before the time you defined in back-end.

Holiday management in Laundry Pickup & Delivery Plugin for WooCommerce

Holiday, you can set weekly holiday for pickup and delivery separately, also you can set yearly holiday, on any holidays no pickup an d delivery will occur.


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