WooODT Extended for WC Vendors

WooODT Extended for WC Vendors


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  1. Vendor specific delivery hours and pickup hours setup.
  2. Vendor specific pickup location, each vendor can have only one pickup location.
  3. Vendor specific selling cities(location). Multi vendor market place admin can set which vendor can sell on which cities.
  4. Vendor specific lead time/minimum waiting time in case of same day delivery/pickup.
  5. Vendor specific minimum waiting days for delivery/pickup.
  6. Next day delivery cutoff time settings each individual vendor.
  7. Vendor specific weekly delivery/pickup service off days settings.
  8. Minimum order value setup for each vendor.
  9. Option to set vendor specific extra delivery charge.
  10. Add an additional email for each vendor, to receive new order notification email.
  11. Off button/ checkbox for e products per vendor.
NB:  This multi vendor version of WooODT Extended is for WC Vendors multi vendor plugin only and you need followings
1. Need WC vendors Pro Plugin.
2. Need to setup your market place as individual’s cart can contain products from same vendor only for each checkout process.


WooODT Extended is now available for WC Vendors, where each vendor can set up their own delivery/pickup routine form their dashboard.
This is the same plugin of WooODT Extended, but it’s built for WC Vendors multi vendor platform. So in this plugin you will be able to do same thing like standard WooODT Extended but it has options to set delivery/pickup schedule for each individual vendors.

NB: WooODT Extended for WC Vendors Multi Vendor supports WC Vendors multi vendor plugin only.

If you need for other multi vendor platform please drop and email to support@byconsole.com

1 review for WooODT Extended for WC Vendors

  1. Allan

    The plugin works great! and the support team is very helpful to resolve every issue we encounter. Highly recommended plugin provider

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