WooSPD Extended

Shipment Pickup and Delivery service booking Pgugin for WooCommerce

WooSPD Extended

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Turn your WooCommerce store as a shipment pickup and delivery business with Shipment Pickup and Delivery service plugin for WooCommerce. Let your service buyers to choose from where and when to pickup the shipment as well as where and when to deliver it, show the pickup and delivery location on Google map and charge them based on distance to travel. Business owner can set up charges by kilometer.


  1. Ask for shipment pickup address on checkout page.
  2. Ask for shipment delivery address on checkout page..
  3. Calculate distance between two addresses.
  4. Show the route on Google map.
  5. Add charge based on calculated distance * cost per kilometer.
  6. Admin can set charge per kilometer.
  7. Add your own time slot for pickup/delivery time.
  8. Limit number of pickup per time slot.
  9. Limit number of delivery per slot.
  10. Setup pickup holidays.
  11. setup delivery holidays.


  1. WooCommerce
  2. Google Map API key
  3. SSL (preferred)


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Product Description

Shipment Pickup and Delivery service plugin for WooCommerce.

Let your customers to select a date time and location from where the package will be ready for pickup and then choose when and where to delivery the package. This plugin will show the rout map on google map and calculate the distance to travel, and based on distance it will calculate the payable amount as per your predefined cost per kilometer. The calculated cost will be displayed as delivery charge and be added in cart total, your service(originally WooCommerce product ) cost will remain same that you add in back-end product page.

Once order completed same pickup and delivery info(ie; date time location) will be included in new order notification mail as well as in order details page of admin side and customer side.

Note that this plugin will require a Google map API key and ssl is preferred.



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